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I just wrote an article about a new Japanese mountain stream magazine I discovered called “River Walk”. The first issue of the magazine was published at the end of September last year (2016).
I wanted to continue the discussion here though about a specific article within the magazine. I found the information quite fascinating and thought some here might too.

The editor of River Walk magazine, Wakabayashi Teru, compiled a very in depth article about Iwana based on an interview of Mr. Kentaro Morita (森田健太郎さんと). Apparently Morita-san is very much into river snorkeling, so there are many excellent photos in the article as well.

There are four main species of Iwana in Japan (a fact that is fairly well known):

アメマス Amemasu

ニッコウイワナ Nikko Iwana (the majority of Iwana I catch are of this sub-species)

ヤマトイワナ Yamato Iwana

ゴギ Gogi

For those wanting to do more research check out: FRA News Vol 26 (Fisheries Research Agency) and the natural history of freshwater fish geography (Hokkaido University Press)
FRAニュースVOL.26(水産総合研究センター) および淡水魚類地理の自然史(北海道大学出版会)

& this interesting looking book
淡水魚類地理の自然史【多様性と分化をめくズ】渡辺勝敏・髙橋 洋編著

What I found very intriguing though was a sub-species of Iwana (aka Char) that is found in only one spot in the entire world.

Long Finger (bad translation maybe) Char (ロングフィンチャー) in Elgygytgyn Lake, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russia

Check out this site which has some cool vintage photos and lots of info

Here’s a link to my article too River Walk Magazine


Thanks for sharing, very interesting info!

Sure seems like I have stumbled upon the River Walk website before. Or perhaps it was what seems to be perhaps the previous name, River Story, issues that can be found in the archive (アーカイブ) links which go back to Oct. 2015. Some fun stuff is to be found poking around in the archives.


I’m pretty sure hiding somewhere I have a one of the 山と釣り雑誌 (Mountains and fishing magazine)



I now see on Amazon JP that it is available in Kindle format


Checking to see if it is also on Amazon here I found this other magazine in Kindle format that might be fun:

山釣りJOY 2017 (Japanese Edition) Kindle Edition (maybe I will order it as soon as I’m done here) :smile:

However, some printed mook editions of 山と釣り, are on Amazon US.



Thanks dwalker! I was wondering what you would uncover from my post. I am sure River Walk is old news to you as it has been around for awhile. I am seriously considering getting the kindle versions of those magazines… Thanks for sharing

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Thank you for sharing. You have an amazing wealth of information and knowledge.

Nikon Iwana is what I caught the most too.

Thanks Mike. For some reason I seek out this obscure trivia.:wink: