Riverworks ZX Micro small stream pre sale


Let’s help get those first 20 rods ordered! This looks sweet! Great craftsmanship and quality I know from owning the ZX2. Can’t wait to fish the new micro.

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Got mine ordered, seeing a small stream rod like that brings me back to some of the small streams I fished with the Nissin Fine Mode 270, a 280cm rod should be allot a fun in the headwaters. I like what I’ve read on their site sounds like a quality driven company. Carbon fiber might just be the handle material of the future will be a new experience for me anyways look forward to casting and fishing it.

Great to hear. Mine is ordered as well.

I just ordered 1 also. Thank you for letting us know about the rod.

The handles Riverworks uses are very sensitive, it transmits bumps and takes almost like no handle at all.

I believe the delivery date starts on Dec.15th for these rods. I hope more members will acquire one while it is on the pre-sale price of $159.00 + $10 for shipping. The rod looks amazing. I can’t wait to try it on the Upper Rapidan River in the Shenandoah National Park region. Wild Brookies watch out.

Well, after many issues outside Riverworks control , my micro came in the mail today. Classic attention to detail and quality I am accustomed to from Riverworks. I will update with pics and report soon.


I received my as well. This is a beautiful rod. I can’t wait to try it out on the Rapidan, Rose, and Tye
rivers in a couple of weeks.

Yes! Just fantastic build quality. Can’t wait to hear your report. I am still dwindling down to make my Tenkara kit just two rods. This is one of them.

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Will patiently wait for reviews. I am wanting a short stream rod, so interested in people’s feedback.

Here are some pics. Hope to fish it soon!

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Any good words about this little guy? Really interested in one but haven’t heard anything from anyone on it yet

@Fishfish Luke,
I have not fished it yet but very soon I hopefully will get up to the mountains of VA and try the rod out.
Sorry for not getting back to my first post. I will post a report after trying it out.

No it’s all good! I know some states are not allowing people to do anything so I kinda figured I wouldn’t hear much.

I have absolutely no doubt that the graphite grip on the Riverworks Rods will be more sensitive than the grips on Tenkara rods made with cork or foam grips, because I own and fish with a number of Seriyu and Keiryu Rods where the grip is just an enlarged section of the rod blank, with a very effective wet/dry friction coating for purchase. If you want that kind of sensitivity in your rod, why not just buy a Seriyu or a Keiryu Rod with no separate grip construction and rod blank glue joints required, at much lighter weight and less rod construction complexity, and at much lower purchase prices?

So this past week I finally got a chance to use the Micro ZX on a mountain stream. It’s not a blue line but plenty of overhead at times to make the fishing very technical. Whatever feel Jeff Lomino has for fishing and what he thinks makes a rod perfect for certain waters, he has taken that feel and dialed it in perfectly for Appalachian mountain streams.
I believe Mr. Lomino has hit it not only a homerun, but has cleared the fences and that ball is still sailing somewhere in outer space.
I’ve fished with multiple Tenkara rods and what Jeff has done is dial in exactly what is needed for mountains streams. There both a delicacy and a real sense of strength when casting the MicroZX(MZX).
I was soon casting under limbs just 6-13 inches over the water. Placing it between obstacles. And the fee of the take was downright mind-boggling.
All I can tell you is that Jeff has created a masterpiece that I dare say is even better than his ZX3 which, if you fished it for what it has been designed for, is simply unparalleled.
I urge you to contact Jeff and get one.
It was such an elegant experience that when people now ask me they want to learn how to fly fish, this will be my go to rod.

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Thanks for joining us @anon79045685. I hope your enjoy your time here and thanks for your review.