Riverworks ZX4-PRO


Hey Tom,

I really appreciate all of the reviews and info on rods. Being so new to this game, your data makes it a lot easier to find and/or eliminate potential rods based on rods I currently love fishing that are on your spreadsheets and reviews…

What are your current favorite rods for fishing two weighted nymphs on 6x tippet?


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Hi Harry,

Thank you for your comments. My favorite rods for contact nymphing are the Nissin Air Stage Fujiryu 360 6:4 and the Gamakatsu Suimu 4.0. But a little softer rod might protect 6X better (like the TB40).



Great review Tom! I have the original ZX2 360 and really like this rod for contact nymphing, but Would like the added length on the newer one! I really like what riverworks is doing with their rods, I will say I wish they were a little more available but I understand they are not just pumping out rods which is nice. I’m really excited for their level line inspired rod that should be coming out soon! Plus the new small stream rod… I better start saving hahah

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Great review of the ZX4-Pro. I have two rods from this company and I’m pleased with their performance. Please keep giving us the detailed and technical look at tenkara rods. It is extremely helpful to all who do tenkara fishing. Many thanks again.

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