Rod Clearance

I have decided to go to a 3 rod quiver and have two of each. A Nissin Honryu 395, a TB36 and a TB33. Therefore I have quite a few I need to move. If you are interested in any of the rods below let me know.

Tanuki 275 - w/ extra tip - $125

Badger Classic 360 - $75

Nissin Pro Spec 320 6:4 - never been used - $125

3 Rivers Confluence - never used - $75

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Zerosum and 43MF sold.

Is the Tanuki Ninja the 11’ version?
Seeing the Tanuki 275 listed - is that the pocket ninja as well?
Shipping additional? I am in Bozeman, MT 59715

The 275 is not the pocket version. The Ninja is 11’-6". Shipping included.

Ninja sold.

Ok guys, I’m willing to listen to offers. :roll_eyes:

Sent you a message.

That’s a good deal on a nice small stream rod, but I’m going to hold off.

OK. Thanks for the interest. I may keep it for when my granddaughter gets bigger.

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do you still have the pro spec for sale?

Yes. Still $125 + shipping.