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I have a few rods for sale. Most were bought in 2019 just before the pandemic and being superannuated, with many of the medical compromises to beware of with Covid, that year was one of maximum isolation at home. Then, when I finally sallied forth in June of this year, I developed a knee problem; so now, at 88 Y/O, Iā€™m unlikely to get to use the many rods I own. I plan to divest the library gradually.

All rods are new and unused. None has even had a line attached for lawn casting. All are as delivered by the various vendors and will be sent via USPS Priority mail, (on me,) to buyers in CONUS with payment via PayPay Friends only.

Everyone wants a bargain, I get it. But, between hard-nosed rigidity on my part and rapacious parsimony of a buyer, perhaps we can find mutual agreement.

Dragontail Talon 330 w/ sock & Tube $100.00
Daiwa Sagiri 54MC $150.00
Tenkara Times Watershed 300Z * $130.00
Tenkara Times Try 360 6:4 4140.00
Allfishingbuy Wakata 2706 13" 6:4 $70.00
Allfishingbuy Kasugo 2706? 9" 6:4 $70.00
TUSA Rhodo $235,00
Daiwa Expert 21 Sieryu 450 $210.00

*the o-ring for the extension was loose when I got rod number one, I sold it on Ebay and ordered a second rod. It had the identical problem. A few choice word from the seller disclaiming any problems when I mentioned this to him did nothing to improve my opinion of the company since I believe this may have been an ongoing problem they refused to address, Two rods with the same problem may not constitute a universal flaw, but how many times does one need to get stung to prove a point? Iā€™m not sufficiently versed in ā€œo-ring speak,ā€ so it will take a better technician than I to cure.

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I believe you have an extra ā€œ4ā€ in the Tenkara Times Try listing.

Thank you Sir.

I messaged you about the Daiwa Sagiri

The rod is still available.

To purchase, send funds via F & F at PayPal.



I would be interested in buying the Dragontail Talon @ you listing price ($100.00). I am new at this site, so please walk me through the purchase procedure. Thanks Thornton

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Hello Barry, I know this is an older post, just curious do you still have the Daiwa Sagiri 54MC? Thanks