Sawtooth Tenkara Rod and tenkara expert kit for $95.00 plus 15.00 shipping "JUST LOOK" SOLD

This is a rod in excellent condition with a spare tip, butt cap, Lillian, this package also includes over 8 pre-spooled foam rollers with level line ending with a tippet ring, both the new TUSA nylon tapered lines, 3 TUSA keeper line holders; TUSA fly package; Tenkararodco crossbreed fishing line; Tenkararodco orange furled line; 2x 3.5 level line new in package and 2 x 3.5 level line new in package; 2 fly boxes with one half filled with Kebari. I can upload pictures because they are IMG; however ever thing is in mint condition and guaranteed you will be getting your money worth. Thanks for looking Can send pictures if requested

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