Season’s Greetings to all

I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year. Thank you to everybody on this forum for sharing your knowledge and making this a good place to visit. It is always very friendly here.

A special thank you to @Peder for all his expertise and help in creating and administering the forum. An excellent job.:+1:

Tight Tenkara lines to you all.



Merry Christmas to you as well, David!



Merry Christmas to all. :star: :christmas_tree:

And likewise thanks to Peder for establishing the forum, which is an extra time sink along with the activities that have occupied his time lately.
And also thanks to many others in our lives who give us small gifts weekly all year long.

Oh, and today in the mail I received a couple of early gifts.
A few flies from a friend, one with a little spinner on it. Inspired by スターひろじ / テンカラ大魔王スター☆ひろじが ( Tenkara big demon star ☆ hiroshi’s ) idea.
And Fishing Cafe issue #57,

I predict a three day fast will be called for starting next Thursday, way to many sugary treats floating around unconsumed thus far. :smiley::frowning_face:


Happy Holidays friends. I hope you are warm and with family. The New Year is upon us and I’m wishing you well.

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Merry Christmas!


A Christmas Story.

Had a fun time today during the extended family Christmas dinner at my sister-in-law’s home.

Among others present were my nephew’s children. 7 y.o. Emma, 5 y.o. Lila, and 3 y.o, Zander.

They typically roll out of bed between 5:00 ~ 5:30. Christmas eve excitement hinted they might be rolling out of bed perhaps as early as 3:30 or 4:00.

Then parental deception rose to the challenge. When put to bed they were told - The last one out of bed - will be the first one allowed to open their presents.

Nothing was heard until 6:30, when Emma’s whispered voice was heard, “Lila, I didn’t get any coal” :rofl:

Young children make the day more fun. :sweat_smile:

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Happy new year!

I’m celebrating the-year-gone-by tomorrow, on a wintery and swollen big fish-river.


Have a happy new year

I will make kebari until spring thaw