Sell your broken rod butt

I am contemplating a project for which may be simplified by using broken tenkara type rod “handles.”

If you break a butt section, would you prefer to dispose of it in the landfill, or sell for a modest sum?

These broken parts have little intrinsic value and shipping is a factor, but I need only the butt cap and internal “female,” screw parts which would need to be sawed or filed off.

I’ll pay $5.00 plus shipping via USPS 1st class mail. Make, model and rod length are unimportant. I’m only interested in the screw parts. Any envelope will do for shipping as long as the proper postage is affixed, $5.25, (postage cost at the present time.)

I know that this is a modest financial return but I have other alternatives which suggest that paying more would negate the value added to my project. This would merely be a shortcut.

Any takers?

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It is interesting to know why you need so many screw caps?

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