Shaku Hunter

Sorry, no tenkara fishing, but it is a fun film of fly fishing in Japan.

尺 「シャク」, Shaku - a length measure of 30.3 cm (~ 12 inches)

尺ハンター 、(シャクハンター), shaku hunter, seeking to catch fish = > 30.3 cm.


The Great Shaku Hunter || Fly Fishing Japan 2018

[ グレートシャクハンター , I think, or maybe, 大も尺ハンター]

I do not know if the phrase " shaku hunter " is a common phrase used in Japan. Or just the name chosen by a fishing group, and a store. See :

However, this is another YT video with the title :
ハンター塩津「尺メバルハンティング」Hunter Shiozu (?) Shaku Mebaru (rockfish, sebastes inermis) hunting, but it ocean fishing, apparently sponsored by Garcia tackle company.

More on the film maker’s website, Sweden I think:


I learned about the second short film on @troutrageous1 blog. From there, I then found the first. Even if not tenkara, they’re well done and enjoyable


Ah, old news then. But as you mentioned, a nicely produced video.

I found something else that I believe is new.
釣りビジョン Fishing Vision
日本伝統の毛ばり釣り Japan traditional kebari fishing
「TENKARA」(テンカラ)の魅力瀬畑・石垣 Charm of tenkara Sebata ・ Ishigaki

With this additional description, parts are a bit difficult to translate. But basically it is -
Tenkara basic tools and knowledge - Ishigaki Hisao-shi .
Charm or appeal of tenkara in 2 parts - Sebata Yūzō-shi



Unfortunately, the fishing vision website has now also blocked access from the USA.
fwiw, here is the link, maybe others can access it:

Or just google part of the program’s title :
(テンカラ)の魅力瀬畑・石垣 or
釣りビジョン 日本伝統の毛ばり釣り
Where you can see a bit more of the description of the presentation written below the web link.
Such as -

Yes, that is correct. They talk a bit of Swedish, especially in the second film. Although, you’re not missing out on much. Mostly cursing and general irritation that things don’t go the way they want, particularly during the fishing scenes. That and trying to find directions at a couple of points.