Shipping costs going up

I just saw the headline on the TenkaraBum site about shipping costs and categories changing.
As of April 3rd. Although I’d heard that some changes were in store I didn’t know any details.
You might want to get ahead of this…
Thanks to Chris for the heads up and spelling out what coming very clearly.

Thanks for relaying that info. Here’s the full text from for those interested:

On April 3, the US Postal Service will increase postage rates for packages longer than 22 inches. Rates for packages between 22 and 30 inches long will increase by $4. Rates for packages over 30 inches will increase by $15. has held the line on prices as much as possible, but aside from the rods, lines, etc. we import from Japan, postage is our largest single expense. Over the past year, the amount we charged for shipping did not covered our cost - and that’s before even considering the cost of the boxes, packing materials and shipping envelopes.

On April 3, shipping charges for most rods will increase by $4. Shipping charges for rods with long collapsed length (Kurenai Long, Field Master Suguru Long, etc) will increase by $15.

Shipping charges for any items that will fit in shipping envelopes or in boxes that are no longer than 20" will remain unchanged (22" boxes are not available currently).

Unfortunately, the postage for some rod parts will increase dramatically. Ever since the USPS began inexplicably delaying shipments of 24" boxes that were mailed via First Class Mail a couple years ago, we have been charging charging First Class rates ($4) but paying for Priority Mail ($8-10). That cannot continue after the USPS raises the rates. The shipping charge for parts that will fit in a 20" box will remain $4, but they will again be mailed via First Class Mail. The shipping charge for parts that require a 24" box will be $13 and will be mailed via Priority Mail.

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I just I figured out why the USPS started holding up the 24" boxes I was sending First Class. In 2019 the USPS set the maximum length for a First Class package to 22" and I didn’t realize it. The previous limit was length plus girth had to be less than 130". In 2019, those dimensions fell into the Parcel Select Ground category, which was essentially it gets there when it gets there, … when we have room on the truck, etc.

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Yes, that makes sense. I’ve found they often change rules without telling their customers.

Thanks for the explanation Chris. I appreciate the service you’ve provided and the shipping cost won’t deter me:)