Site icon changed

on my phone, the site icon is decreasing, gradually it becomes smaller. Soon it will completely disappear.


I noticed this as well, and the “app” or whatever that allowed the download started crashing when I tried to load the site through that recently. I think the main benefit was that it allowed notifications like you can turn on in a desktop browser.

I removed it and it hasn’t prompted me to install it again; I was wondering what was going on.

+1 with my android home screen 10CT Chrome link.
Interesting that if I open the forum from the Chrome browser, I don’t get the option to add the link to my home screen now.

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Привет Брайн.
I already thought that something happened to my vision. And the icon is getting smaller and smaller.:rofl:


I just noticed that if I open the site in chrome on my android phone that there is an item on the browser menu (not the page, the browser itself), there’s an option to “install the app”. After selecting that, a return-to-normal sized icon was placed on my home screen


Thanks a lot! Installed the app again. The icon is back to normal size!


I don’t find the Install the app option in the Chrome menu (3 vertical dots) on my new phone running latest Android 12. Nor is there an “Add to Homescreen” (link) option anymore.

First, delete the old one, then find it in Chrome, and the application will be installed there.


Hello all,

I don’t know what that was all about. It may have had something to do with Chrome or the forum software. Though my suspicion is that it was something changed in Chrome. I had the same issue on my phone (Android) and it solved the issue.

As an aside, I don’t personally like the Discourse app itself. It doesn’t have as many features as the web. So I would suggest following what was shown above to save it as a progressive web app directly on your phone.