Site Updates & Maintenance

My apologies if at any point the site does odd things whilst you are posting or reading something. As it is still new, it is probably just me updating things. This should normally not take much longer than 2-8 minutes and things should be up and running again. Thanks for understanding and apologies for any inconvenience.

For the past 12 hours or so, many of you may have noticed a few odd glitches in the forum here. They may have included, but not been limited to:

  • Load error when opening a new category
  • Replies not posting properly or at all
  • Bottom 1/3 of your screen being covered by a grey colored box that would not disappear
  • Even if you log out, you look like you are still logged in
  • Replying to a new topic creates a reply in a topic you were previously viewing
  • Reply/Submit button not working
  • Avatar issues

There may be others that I am not aware of yet. That being said, I believe they are fixed. Additionally, I am changing the title of this category and am opening it up to comments.

If you have problems with the forum, if you have suggestions (there have been several great ones already!!), or any other general site related things, please post them here. I am 110% open to making this the best place for everyone and want it to be fully transparent too.