Skunked again at the local stocked pond while the powerbait guys cleaned up. Any tips?

Just got back from the local urban stocked pond, where I was skunked yet the powerbait fishermen were catching trout after trout. I was throwing my usual black wooly bugger (usually a killer!) some kind of dace streamer, San Juan worm, and killer bugs. I stripped, twitched, jigged, and just plopped them out there and waited. Not even a nibble. I’m not a fly snob at all, but I’d just rather fish with my own flies, especially since I’ve spent so much time and money on tying materials. Any tips?

Have you tried smaller midge type flies? It can be surprising what a #18 - #22 will attract,
Just a thought,


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Recently stocked fish seem to respond best to something flashy with lots of movement. They’ve spent their entire life confined and being fed pellets, a nice natural looking bug means nothing to them. Try adding some gaudy flash to your buggers tail, and maybe a little splash of red by way of a red bead glass bead head.

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Not much to do. Hard to beat powerbait.

You could try an estez egg. Round like a pellet and flashy.

Tenkara techniques can be applied in ponds but all in all…they will serve you better in a river or b4ook.

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This is a good idea. I don’t tie my buggers with any Crystal Flash or sparkly stuff, and I bet a green or red bead could be taken for a powerbait ball. Thanks!

I’ve not, but that’s a good idea. I’ve some small zebra midges tied up leftover from winter, I’ll give them a try!

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There was an old man on a freshly stocked trout stream. He was killing it and I had zero.
I asked him what was he using? He told me the trout were conditioned at the hatchery to feed
when they threw food pellets at the holding tanks so he would throw small pebbles across the
large stream to trigger their conditioned feeding response.Then he would immediately throw out his small silver spoon. He told me they went nuts over this method. I’m not sure if this was ethical but he was one smart old man. This happened around 1988 or 89 to the best of my memory. I think back to that day and at
least he was catching trout and I, on the other hand, caught nothing but frustration. Be patient my friend.:wolf:

Hehe that’s not a bad idea. And probably more ethically acceptable than practices such as “chumming” with corn and such. I’ve actually been thinking about getting a few super light spoons for the stocker ponds.

I figure the best thing is to wait a week or so. The stocked fish seem to be more likely to take a fly after they’ve been “weaned” off of hatchery pellets for a few days.

You could always buy a few trout pellets then superglue one to a hook. Throw a few pellets in followed by your ‘fly’ :grinning:. Most definitely not very ethical but I guarantee you will catch - big time.


PS a hook with some deer hair spun on it and trimmed like a Muddler
Minnow would work.

PPS. I hope my above, not very ethical suggestion, does not get me banned from this forum!!