Social Media

I have been reflecting on social media a bit and thought this might help people navigate that world.

SImple rules and it sort of applies to physical face to face relationships equally to the virtual.

Helping a person or guiding a person is sort of a tricky business and it is complicated by being in a public forum. Ego is at hand and is bi directional. Like… a private discussion using the same words will be received differently than if it were in a public forum. This is true in both a face to face discussion or in a virtual one.

The other note similar to common advise if one were to come across a person drowning…When you get into a conversation with someone you dont know, you need to be very careful in assessing the situation before you jump in to try to assist that person. That person may drag you down with them or at minimum flail around and harm you. Some people dont want to be saved or may not be an a state of mind to be saved. Always use caution…and avoid getting sucked in too deep. Better to test the waters with a neutral comment and see if the individual is receptive to help.

I wrote this because of some other comments of what has happened with tenkara and social media. I had a brief entrance and exit into the book of faces. There are a lot of people out there that dont want to be helped or have a real conversation. So strange and disappointing, but not just tenkara, but any discipline.

I am thankful Peder has provided this oasis for us.


When you see social media in other countries/cultures you get a very different perspective on what it is here in the US and what it could be, for better or worse.
I’ve left all forums but this one and my local fly club, and lurk far more than post. If this one comes under new management and turns ugly I’ll be gone in the blink of an eye, been part of that, never again.
My Facebook use has changed to become far, far more private and restricted to my actual close friends and even at that is pretty “non-personal”. I really like a policy I heard of elsewhere where you got banned for having 100 “friends”. The thinking is that nobody has that many real, actual friends and the tone they want for their platform is very different than what we have in Facebook here.
I browse Instagram, but only infrequently post.

Social media can be a delightful thing, but I feel you have to carefully navigate the waters to avoid all the rocks.

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So true.

I like that.

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