Sockeye Salmon Fishing Fujigoko

I had a gentleman contact me through my site asking fishing related questions for his upcoming trip to Japan. In his email he mentioned that his visit to Fujigoko would coincide with the sockeye salmon season opener, which I found surprising as I had no idea sockeye salmon could be found in the Fujigoko.

I came across this article that says that Lake Sai is famous for salmon fishing. A quick google of 紅鱒 西湖 returns no further information though. I’m gonna keep digging. Anyone have any insight on this?


Intriguing! It would appear that Lake Sai does have salmon. A species called Kunimasu was rediscovered after it was thought to be extinct in 2010.


Kunimasu… クニマス / 国鱒 (country trout) / Oncorhynchus kawamurae.

レンタルボートレンタルボート・釣り宿釣り宿 [rental boat ・fishing inn] 西湖 Saiko / West Lake

ギョギョ 幻の魚「クニマス」だ!! [ Gyeogyo is a phantom fish “Kunimasu”! !] ギョギョ 幻の魚「クニマス」だ!!


[The driving force behind discovery of Kunimasu Fish-kun conference]


[capture of kunimasu]

Fishing an extinct phantom fish “Kunimasu”! In West Lake (Yamanashi Prefecture) Tazawa Lake Turame

You might try doing an internet search with -
山梨県西湖 マス釣り方 [ Yamanashi Prefecture West Lake (aka Saiko) trout fishing how-to.]
Or 西湖 マス釣り Saiko trout fishing. And find something more informative.

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西湖の釣りなら 釣舟「白根」へ。

If you fish in the West Lake,
go to Fishing boat “Shirane”. 「白根」
It is a hillside on the shore of West Lake , one of the Fuji Goko.
The fishing information of West Lake we deliver every day.

2018/12/31 (Monday)

  • We wish the best wishes of everyone. * Furthermore, the lifting of the ban on next year is March 20th.

Well, of course, you only need to go to Fishing boat “Shirane”. 「白根」if you want to do business with them. See the contact information at the bottom of the above website if you do.

The important part was the information about the date of lifting of the fishing ban on 【サクラマス】sakuramasu.

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I think my fish catching luck would skyrocket if I had that guys hat and charisma :joy:

Whoa! That was very recent.

Thank you for the in depth info @dwalker :man_bowing:t2:

Fish hats (魚の帽子を) seem to cost about 1,400 yen, plus or minus. But to get the official Sakana-kun hat, I think it requires both the proper amount of yen + an honorary doctorate of marine science awarded by Tokyo Universality. :roll_eyes: Sakana-kun

Maybe the Sakanakun bandana (さかなクン なりきりバンダナ) version will increase the catching rate. :wink:
I don’t know if charisma can be learned or if it’s only available as a divine gift.

rakuten Sakana-kun sea urchin bandana

Ok, just kidding. I am assuming the fishing ban for all types of fishing ends March 20th.
Plans for fishing one of the Fujigoko or some place else?

Odd weather here. 80˚ F, and sunny here today, but snow predicted for the coming weekend. However, spring is close enough I am trying to pull a Tom Sawyer on the spouse, convince her how much fun it is to mow the yard.