SOLD ... FS Bamboo Handled ONI Type-1 $350 (lowered price)

For sale is my original style ONI Type 1 with a custom bamboo handle. This rod is from about 4 years ago and I believe Masami was making these handles himself. They handle is made slightly differently than the more recent versions - I personally think this original style is nicer looking.

In addition to the rod it has a spare segment #2 that will come with it as well an ONI rod sock.

Anyway - it is a prime example of a great modern Japanese tenkara rod with the added craftsmanship and traditional look of handmade bamboo grip

On the one hand I hate to let it go - but on the other hand it has been sitting in the basement getting very little attention. It deserves to be fished.

Will also consider trades for a Mexican made Fender Bass or G&L Tribute bass or similar quality bass guitars.

Also consider partial trade+cash offers for Hardy featherweight reels or Orvis CFO or Orvis Helios trout rods (I know I’m probably dreaming on that Hellos trade … but who knows :slight_smile: )


bump… lowered asking price to $350