[SOLD] FS: TenkaraBum 40 for parts

I broke my TenkaraBum 40 and would rather just sell it than get a $90 replacement handle section. Price including shipping is $55 to the US. It’ll ship with its rod sock inside of a cardboard mailing tube.

The lowest section (grip section) is the one that broke. The section just above that has a scratch in it (see pic). All other sections are in good shape. I’ve caught only about 30 fish with this rod. This price is roughly the cost of a single replacement section, so it’s a good way to stock up in advance on most of the replacement parts you might need if you ever break your own TB40.

I’ll buy it

Great. DM sent.

I am sure I am glad I was not there to hear what was said when that event happened. :anguished:
I frequently fish with my TB40. Nice rod. I would have emitted some words I wouldn’t want my momma to know that I knew them or worse, used them. I’ve been fortunate thus far and have never broken a rod. Only lost a fly box or two while wading.