SOLD - Nissin Kotsugi Sensui 2707 For Sale

I have a Nissin Kotsugi Sensui 2707 (Tenkaraya & Nissin) for sale. It was used probably a dozen times at most this past season and just isn’t my style of rod. It is very nicely made and extremely lite weight. It is a tip flex rod that is sensitive enough to feel 4" brookies and more than enough to handle the 10" wild brown I caught last summer. Comes with original carton and rod sleeve.

$45 shipped & insured USPS (CONUS)
Length: 2.6m (~8.5’)
Collapsed: 46cm (~18")
Weight: 35g (1.23 ounces)
Tippet rating: 4x-7x

Is this still for sale? If it is, how do I send you the money for the rod?

Mike Kookagee Shelton

Mike I sent you a PM. It’s an awesome rod, I just don’t have the types of streams to fish it close enough to me to make it worthwhile. It’s sensitive enough to feel 3" brookies and certainly had the backbone to catch bigger fish.

SOLD and shipping soon.