[SOLD] Nissin Level Line tenkara 320 super kit for sale

Kit includes rod (has been fished by Oni), 8 Nirvana UL spools, two Nissin level line spools (3 and 4) with plenty left, one spool of valcan stealth 2.5, 1 Raji leica, fujino soft tapered 4m nylon line (green), fujino 5x aq nylon tippet, 2x meiho fly boxes, with a large assortment of (mostly Western) flies.

This is an awesome setup to fish small streams for little wild troots. I do not see myself using any of this in the foreseeable future, too consumed with lure fishing and moving to a tropical island soon.

$160 shipped USA.

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I’m interested.
Where are you at?

I’m in Korea, Osan Air Base. Will ship USPS priority, takes about a week.

I’m not familiar with that rod. Tell me more about it.

it’s basically a new paint job on the Royal Stage Tenkara 320 6:4… This was my theory and it’s backed up by Tenkarabum.

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