SOLD Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling


I’ve had this for about a year, used it all the time at first, but these days I’m either carrying less and don’t need it, or just go with a daypack- so this is an “in-between” size that doesn’t get used that often.
EDIT- this is the 7L model. I had a buyer lined up, but they realized this is 7L vs the current model’s 15L, which is like, holy geeze that is big.

This one differs from the current model in that it doesn’t have straps on the back to hold a jacket or rod tube, and the small pocket on the strap won’t hold a contemporary (smart)phone or fly box. I generally carry my gerber in that front pocket. I will attempt to clean my phone/contact info off the waterproof insert before selling lol.
Main pocket will hold a good sized fly box or two, loads of small accessories, lunch etc.
There are attachment points all over for tools and zingers.

Looking to get $55 for it, shipping and PP included.