[SOLD] Paz Design Lightweight felt boots + Neo Socks

Got these boots from Adam Trahan they are great but a tiny bit small on me. Very light and awesome grip! Felt is King! These are actually “pin soles”, with metal pins inside the felt, so it’s literally the best grip possible. The shoes are awesomely light, make just about any US-market wading boots feel like bricks.

Including wet socks and some ankle height neo socks. I wear a 10 and 1/2 in most shoes these are comfortable barefoot but with any socks they are too snug for me.

Would like to get $60 shipped to the USA. I’m in Korea but will ship USPS Priority- takes 5-7 days to most places in the lower 48.


What size are they according to the label? I am a US 9 1/2.

sorry for the late reply- the size is just “XL”, but these also have been sold. Sorry!