[SOLD] SOLD - TenkaraBum 36 $130

I am selling my Tenkara bum 36. Purchase in Apr 20, 2016, paid $240 shipped for this rod from tenkarabum.

My price is $130 shipped/insured conus., paypal only. I am also open to offers.
Comes with original packaging the rod sock. This rod is held in high regard by many anglers.

I am selling a number of rods this spring. This rod was my secondary rod for two seasons but has not been used or carried at all in the last 2 seasons. I have too many rods and this one needs a home.

Normally this rod comes with a micro swivel. Mine broke off, but it was a clean break at the ferrule of the swivel. I suspect the ferrule was clamped too tight when the rod was built and created a weak point.
The rod is actually still over 3.6 meters and functions perfectly as I have continued to fish it.
3.6 m = 141.732 inches. the rod without the mircro swivel is still 142 inches not counting the lilian.

When I repaired the rod, I just removed the lillian from the micro swivel and attached the lillian to the end with a drop of epoxy. Since that outing I have caught trout to 16 inches and have not had an issue with the rod or its lilian.

The rod is in perfect fishing condition, but does have a couple of light scratches in the finish on the handle segment of the rod the rest of the rod is immaculate.

Details from tenkaraBum:

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Sold for $120. I am surprised this lasted this long.