[SOLD] Suntech Kurenai HM30R $150

I bought this two years ago and paid $195 including shipping.
I am selling it for $150 via paypal, shipped and insured.

I just do not fish it enough…so I am letting it free.
The rod is clean no problems or wear…It has barely been fished.


Offers ??? Anyone???

I’ve fished with a longer version, these are very nice rods, someone should jump on this.

Hi Gressak,
Would you take $100 for the HM30R? It will be going to a good home where it will be much loved and much used. Payment via PayPal and USPS Priority. Thank you.
Best regards,

Thanks for the offer Ken. I would like to hold out for offers closer to $150. I will keep your offer in consideration…especially if there is no movement at all on it. I am really surprised no one has taken it for the price I listed. Any chance you can come up on your offer?

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Is this still available for sale?

Yes it is.

SOLD to Scott_T