[SOLD] Tenryu TA 39 Tenkara Rod for sale

Non zoom version of this premium Tenkara rod.

Check TenkaraBum review.

$280 delivered

PayPal full amount.

Contact me in e-mail.




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I 'm glad it sold so quickly. It is a beautiful rod and the price was awesome.
Someone is a happy person. I hope he enjoys it. :smile_cat:

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haha dont tell me

Me too. Saw that yesterday and thought. Man, I’d like to try one of those rods, but I sure as heck don’t need another rod. I already have two new rods I purchased over the winter, and have yet to fish with, I sure hope someone buys this quick and ends the urge to send a message saying I will take it. :relieved:
Now I can just concentrate at becoming better at using the ones I already have.

Sold, please delete.