I have used a Japanese farmer’s hat for a long time, since the 80’s. I have always enjoyed them and they just work well here in the relentless sun of Arizona. I’m not sure if you use one, but I suggest that you try one as a fishing hat.


Interesting story! We have a short summer, can I order such a hat?

Yes, online through eBay.

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Interesting timing on this post. Last evening scanning the internet I by chance took a look at the tenkara-fisher blog and read the Sugesasa post.

Never had a real bamboo one. But several years ago at Trail Days in Damascus, Va. I purchased a Kavu Chillba that was marked down quite a bit in price.

My son didn’t want to be anywhere near me when I wore it fishing. I don’t wear it often, only sometimes when mowing the lawn. Keeps my head cooler on a sunny day than any other type hat I’ve worn. Much cooler than a cap or Tilley hat with a lot of mesh venting. I think it keeps my head cooler than any other type hat because of the air space between the inverted cone and the head. The part providing the shade is not in contact with my head at all.

There are many different styles to choose from complicating the decision about the preferred model. 菅笠何とは .

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Son feels the same but no longer says anything because he is now used to me wearing it.

Everyone is now used to it.

…and I don’t care what people think.

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I used to use a Vietnamese rice farmer’s hat, but had endless troubles with the chinstrap. Fellow fishers also weren’t enthusiastic. I think perhaps a Chillba might be the go? Can anyone tell me more about the Chillba?

My sugegasa has a chin string with a small string lock, no problem. I do not use the hat in wind.

Not much to tell about the Chilliba, it is an alternative, it works very well. It keeps your head cool in hot weather, it has plenty of ventilation.

Is a Chillba waterproof? Something able to stand a good sudden autumn downpour would be nice…

No wind, rain ok.

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