Summer road trip fishing suggestions

Hello all,

I know that there are a few folks on here that are familiar with the fishing in Utah and I am looking for some recommendations for a road trip I will be taking in June. We will be driving from Vancouver BC to Crested Butte CO. On the way down we are planning on camping for 2 nights somewhere along hwy 40/US 191 We will be camping out of a 4x4 van so can access most spots but will have a 6 month old with us so don’t want to do anything too rough and remote.

There are some obvious spots I can see from google including rock creek, the duchesne, and the green so I know I will be able to find some fishing but just thought I would throw it out there in case anybody had any tips to share. I would obviously repay the favour if you ever ended up in BC!

We will take the northern route back through Wyoming, Montana and north Idaho before crossing back into Canada around Creston. If you have any can’t miss spots along that route I am all ears as well. Beyond the flathead wilderness I don’t have much planned yet.

Thanks in advance!

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i know there are some locals to that area that can help.

it is a beautiful area. i was able to fish the american fork last fall and it was great. thats a bit far from where you are going to be though.

post pics after the trip.

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