Sunline Iso Visible Plus Nylon Line

A couple of night back looking around the internet I saw a picture of a spool of Sunline marked as Tenkara line that I didn’t recall seeing before. I thought perhaps it was new, and I could look it up later. Unfortunately I’ve misplaced the note with the name of the line. Looking on the Sunline website I also couldn’t find it.

However, I did find another type of Sunline that might be interesting.
It is sold under the Iso line section. afaik - Iso fishing is beach or surf fishing.
And I’ve also seen many post about using salt water lines for Tenkara.
Indeed, there is some belief that the Sunline Tenkara line was previously marketed as Iso salt water line.

This is the web link to the Sunline Visible Plus Nylon Line page for this line.
It is available from 1.5号 to 6号.
Sunline Visible Plus Nylon Line

A number of things describing the line were interesting:

1 First being that it has micro titanium fibers in it. Well, it does if I’m not being fooled by a bogus translation as either titanium fibers or titanium power. What advantage is that? Is is something commonly done? Most people consider the higher specific gravity of FC line to be an advantage over nylon line. But some people advocate the use of Titanium lines because it has a higher specific gravity than FC line. Though it’s disadvantages seem to out weight it’s advantages. Is adding titanium into nylon line an attempt to get it closer to the advantages of FC line while also retaining the advantages of nylon over FC line?

2 Increased visibility
3 Abrasion resistant
5 Less curl trouble-free
6 UV resistant to not lose strength from UV damage
7 easy to cast
8 water resistant triple resin

Well, that’s their sales pitch anyway.

The Polar Graph of line characteristics is informative.
To help read it, these are the labels from 12:00 going cw
1200 直線強力 Linear strength
0130 結節強力 Knot strength
0300 粘り Stickiness ?
0430 耐摩耗性 Abrasion resistance
0600 視認性 Visibility
0730 スベリ性 Slipperiness
0900 ソフト性 Softness
1030 伸び Elongation

(1.5号・1.75号)ミディアムソフト Medium Soft
(2号・2.5号)ソフト Soft
(3号・4号)スーパーソフト Super Soft
(5号・6号)エキストラスーパーソフト仕上げで Extra Super Soft

Some appealing qualities. But maybe to soft to cast well, maybe that depends on whether you like stiffer or softer lines.

However, in this blog post from a Keiryu Salmon angler, that is in an adjacent post described using 2 budget priced 8m rods with 8 m lines, it sounds like he is changing from using 4.5号Sansui Tenkara FC line to using this line nylon line in size 6号. Apparently hoping to gain some advantage over troubles with visibility with sighting tags, loss of line from use of rubberized clamp on weights, among other issues

鮭釣りの準備(仕掛け編) Salmon Fishing Preparation ( rigging changes)
Preparation for Salmon Fishing (rigging changes)

If you were up for trying something new, would this line be something to consider?
Might work in the right conditions, perhaps easier to hold the line off the water. If the blogger believed he could cast an 8m extra super soft line. As smaller no. line of a much shorter length may cast well.

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