Takayama Kebari ?

Takayama Kebari and Takayama sakasa-kebari ?

Where did “Takayama Kebari” mentioned in this forum come from?
I’ve been doing “tenkara” for more than half a century, but I still don’t know

I understand that takayama is the name of Takayama City in Gifu Prefecture
I understand that “sakasa-kebari” was first used here in Japan

“Takayama sakasa-kebari”, first introduced in Japan in the 1950s

Wonder where the peacock on the chest came from?

Thank you very much.


I don’t know, but on the website My Best Streams, flies from the “Hida Takayama area” are shown with peacock herl. Here’s the link.


This fly is I guess mostly off topic. But I stumbled upon it earlier today. And it is another example of using a materials, peacock & exotic bird feathers, not easily obtained. Interesting looking fly.

It uses Jungle Cock feather, over a peacock eye body, with grizzly hackle.
Jungle cock [ ジャングルコック 鳥] is a bird native to India. Long used for salmon flies.
However, the capes are pretty pricey. I will probably try the same idea with some kind of feather I already have.



But the blog author writes, - テンカラでも良いですね。Also good for tenkara.

12. ジャングルコック…魅了

https://keisui2525.blog.fc2.com/ 12. ジャングルコック…魅了