Tanuki Fishing Tenkara Webnars

A few weeks back I received a couple of emails with an invitation to register for Tanuki Fishing’s first Tenkara Webnar. I couldn’t decide whether to register, & do not have a Zoom account, and did not view it live. But the first episode has been uploaded to Youtube.

Tanuki Fishing Webinar- Meeting Tenkara Fisher Expert

This is an EP1 webinar April 6, 2020
Panel speakers:
Luong Tam owner of Tenkaratanuki
MD Robert Worthing of Tenkara Guides, Utah
Anthony Naples Owner of Three Rivers Tenkara, PA
Matt Sment, former C- Owner of Badger Tenkara, Wisconsin.

[The thumb nail image for this video is a mystery as it doesn’t appear in the video. The video images switches between the 4 participants in different locations. Luong Tam appears to be north of the Arctic Circle, Rob Worthing in his office and Anthony Naples & Matt Sment somewhere on small streams. At least by their choice of background images.]

If this sort of thing interest you there are two more webnars scheduled:

Fundamentals of Tenkara Rod Fishing with Matt Sment

Apr 20, 2020 04:00 PM in [Pacific Time (US and Canada)]
Matt will share a lot of tips and tricks on tenkara fishing. Matt is a tenkara nomad who travels across western states to fish with tenkara rods.

https://zoom.us/webinar/register/Fundamentals of Tenkara Rod Fishing with Matt Sment

Tanuki Fishing - the Art of Modern Casting with Robert Worthing

Apr 22, 2020 04:00 PM in [Pacific Time (US and Canada)]
The Art of Modern Casting with a Level Line with Robert Worthing.
Robert pushes the casting with a level line into the next level, “Casting is a challenging game of itself”. Robert masters his casting style with a very fine level line. He uses the mobile app to analyze and to teach fishers from a base to aerial mending. Once fly hits the water is ready to go.

https://zoom.us/webinar/register/the Art of Modern Casting with Robert Worthing

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Since I’m on lockdown I watched the tactical nymphing one on Monday.
Warning! These can go a lot longer than planned! The start up can be a little clumsy, be patient. I thought it was really excellent though.
If you have the Zoom app installed you can interact with them and get a question into the queue.
(The app is extremely easy to set up and use. It’s become the “go to” casual meeting software of choice everywhere now.)
Since I’m working on casting lighter and lighter lines I’ll be on board for the light line one, and I was planning on rewatching the nymphing one this weekend to pick up on the things I missed. (I should have had a note pad.)
Thank you Luong for doing these!!

I have been getting the invites but can’t commit to the times. Do you know if they are being recorded and posted anywhere?

I have not seen any commitment to uploading them for later viewing. However. Episode 1 was done on April 6th, and four or 5 days later it was uploaded on the Tanuki Fishing YouTube Channel.

I would check there a few days after the scheduled webnars on the 20th and 22nd to see if Luong Tam also uploads them as well.

Luong has created a Playlist on his YTC for the webnars. That appears to indicate he plans on uploading them. Maybe after taking a few days to edit them.

https://www.youtube.com/ Tanuki Fishing YTC Webnar Playlist

Editing video for downloading to YouTube is neither easy nor quick. And that is a BIG understatement.
It takes a lot of commitment to do it, so we’ll just have wait for postings.
I saw he already put up a small section of this week’s webinar.

Got through most of the first one. Really enjoyed it.
For a newer Tenkara practitioner, I found I learned some very useful things that I am excited to incorporate. Looking forward to the upcoming ones. They are scheduled during my travels home from work, so I will wait for the uploaded recorded versions on YouTube.

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Watched the latest one, regarding the TenkaraGuides and the Japanese Masters topic.
Missed the one on casting light lines, stuck at work.
Clearly they’re all getting better at the mechanics of Zoom webinars.
This one was all over the place, like sitting around with some guys after fishing, drinking and talking. Really enjoyable!! I liked all the discussion about the history and evolution of tenkara, and the focus on (forgive me for using this phrase) the zen of tenkara.

After this I sat, thinking about my own tenkara and the 10 Colors…
One of my original fly fishing mentors once said something that really resonated with me, and I adopted as my own: I fish the way I fish because it’s the way I enjoy fishing.

Since my schedule makes extremely difficult actually attending the Oni School, this was an excellent webinar.