Tekitō Tenkara blog and the Oni Shuriken line holder

I stumbled upon the Tekitō Tenkara [ 適当テンカラ.com] blog a couple of days ago. Started April 2019.
運営者:ほくとさん , Operator: Hokuto-san. 中田北斗さん [Nakata Hokuto-san]
Young guy, 30 y.o., who - “started a blog because I wanted to engage with many people through Tenkara.”
適当テンカラ ・ Tekitō Tenkara ・ Appropriate or suitable tenkara.

In his profile Hokuto-san writes that he is a disciple of Tenkara no Oni. And as a first step to give back, it appears he is the designer of the Oni Shuriken line holder sold through the Oni Shop. It seems to have been available for a while, but I don’t recall seeing it before. 60mm x 4mm.
その恩返しの第一歩として、 自ら設計した仕掛け巻きを鬼ショップを通じて販売しました。[ As a first step in giving back, we sold our own self-designed device rolls (shikake-maki) through the Oni Shop.]

As always the digital translation from Japanese to English leaves a lot of confusion, but still some interesting insights.
Digital translation of profile - https://tekito-tenkara.com/2019/04/03/profile/

Line Holder SHYURIKEN - sorry it was filmed in low resolution.


List of blog post tagged under tenkara category:
Digitial translation https://tekito-tenkara.com/category/テンカラ

Such as:
Advantages and disadvantages noticed using the level line of No. 1.5号

I wonder who ジェイソン・ステイサム (jeison suteisamu) Jason Statham is?

The Oni shyuriken is a 3D printed line holder. Very slim profile and very nice to wind line on. I love mine! And, I have many.

@ERiK_Ostrander Are they being sold anywhere besides Japan? Or do they have the plans for people to get them printed?

Team Oni sells them here, I have two and like them.

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Thanks @Sparrow.