Tenkar-Fisher Blogspot

I think it’s a good idea to have a link here to Adam Trahan’s new Tenkara-Fisher Blog spot.
Where many articles, and interviews from the on-line Tenkara forum community many of us are migrating from to here are being preserved.


Where new content may appear in the future too. And hopefully a link will be added to here.

Adam has posted the tenkara-fisher forum will close end of January.



Thanks for doing that David.

I will link soon.

I am seeing your blog
I am delighted with the tenkara fisherman’s excellent story
I agree dead-drift is bad tenkara・・・Little joy

Hello todoroki34, thank you. I am so sorry that the old site got hacked. I have no more energy for fighting it. I have added this forum in our links page.

I sometimes use a presentation without movement, it works so I use it. I have more success with moving the fly. I have quit fly fishing and now I only do Tenkara. I promise myself to “un-learn fly fishing” and learn Tenkara. I have been taught by some of the best Japanese Tenkara fishers. I’m doing it right, I’m on the path…

Take care, see you!