Tenkara Angler podcast

Here’s a recent discussion about my take on tenkara from Tenkara Angler. It was great fun to see these guys and to talk about tenkara stuff!


Thomas, interesting interview. I like it.

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Thanks for posting this here Tom, I’m a bit bashful when it comes to self-promotion outside of Tenkara Angler’s own channels of distribution, so I rarely post my content in forums or other social media groups. On a personal front, these “podcasts” have been enjoyable to put together. While there’s a bit of a learning curve, I think I like doing it better than writing articles.

For the larger group, our goal with these have been to identify voices that really haven’t been presented in this format… and really get to know more about them and what they do. Tom was ideal, considering his popularity, years of dedication to tenkara, and the bonus that he’s not directly aligned to a rod brand. (Yes, I’m aware of the Mizuchi). Tenkara Angler tries to be non-denominational toward brands where we can, we’re fans of most all of them.

My hope is that the fixed-line community enjoys these podcasts enough to make this a “thing” and encourage other anglers or “personalities” to want to participate. If there are any people you’d like us to reach out and talk to… or if you think you have things to talk about… we’re welcome to suggestions. My dream would be to get a few Japanese anglers, but that might be difficult to execute, for obvious reasons.

If you missed it, our first podcast/interview was with Tom Bayly from Tenkara Adventure Outfitters. This interview went in a completely different direction than I thought it would since many associate his rods with “American” tenkara for warmwater fish. On the contrary, Tom is a trout guy and wants nothing more than to track them down in the mountains using “traditional” techniques.


Mike, this interview was lively and interesting. I knew that Thomas was fond of space photography, but did not know that he was making knives. Thanks for the Russian subtitles, they help me a lot.

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I’ll sign up to Thomas in line to make a knife before everyone rushes to order!:smiley:



Always nice to see another layer besides pics and words.

Thanks for doing and sharing!


We dropped a new episode today and spoke to Mike Lutes, one of the co-founders of Badger Tenkara. I’d say it’s more fixed line fly fishing in theme than traditional tenkara, but I thought this forum may appreciate my choice of headwear. :joy:


Миша, русские субтитры пропали😆

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К сожалению, у меня не было времени добавить их для вас. Я добавлю их в эти выходные.

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Michael, thanks a lot! With Russian subtitles, understanding comes faster.