Tenkara Angler Spring 2017 Issue

The spring 2017 issue was uploaded yesterday, March 27th.
I’ve only had time thus far for a quick scan through the pages.
Congrats & thank you Mike Agneta for a new issue.



I agree. Thanks Mike for all of the work that you put in so this can come together and thanks to all of the contributors too. I’ve read three of the articles and enjoyed them all very much.

“Tenkara in the Clouds” by Andrew Wayment (pages 18 - 23)

“Learnings from the Team Oni USA, Oni Tenkara Schools” by John Vetterli (pages 40 - 41)

My personal favorite: “Traditional Japanese Fly Fishing: Which One?” by @CM_Stewart (pages 60 - 61)

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Thanks for the kind words guys. It’s fun to put these together each quarter. Rob Worthing’s & John Yokley’s articles were highlights for me (for very different reasons), make sure to put aside some time to read both.

Hope you enjoy the interviews as well. Adam Trahan did one with Isaac Tait, and I did one with Jeff Lomino. Would be curious as to your thoughts as they’re both on the long side, but I’d like to have more of them in the magazine moving forward.

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Every issue has been awesome. Thank you for producing this magazine.

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I downloaded the PDF version of this magazine yesterday. Wow! I see now what I have been missing. Just had a quick look through this morning whilst enjoying a coffee. I shall enjoy reading every article. There is a good cross-section of material to interest me.

Reference the article 'Fresh off the vise ’ by Jason Singe , does anybody know what the hackle material used in the second fly on the top line is. It looks like yellow Ostritch herl? Or marabou?

Thanks Mike @troutrageous1 you have done a great job. I am hooked and intend to download the rest of the issues that are still available.


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Don’t know…but I can ask him…
Here’s the fly for reference:


Per Jayson:
It’s brahma hen, but what I call the under feathers, the soft downy parts near the base of the big feathers, and sometimes small feathers under the others.

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That was quick. Thanks very much.


Yay, so proud that my little local small stream trout made this month’s cover.

Also Saitou san 's bamboo rod handle just looks nice however you photograph it.

Thanks Mike for running such a great mag for the tenkara community.



You are the BOSS! !!! Keep up the great work. I have purchased every magazine and will continue to do so. The shirts and rod I got from you are great. My son-in-law, Stewart, “Borrowed” (read that as the bum stole one of my cool shirts) Tenkara Bigfoot Fishing t-shirt. I hide the other shirt just in case my other son showed up and decided to “Borrow” the other one,
I believe we call this taxation without representation. Oh Well!! :smile_cat:


Thanks for the kind words @Kookagee. Happy to hear you enjoy the magazine, and that the tee was desirable enough to be borrowed. Tight lines!

Back feather or phiro-plume or after shaft

Frequently used are pheasant saddle hackle feathers