Tenkara Angler Winter '17-18

While I’m guessing that many of you have already seen this, I figured I’d share anyhow. The new edition of Tenkara Angler came out a few days ago.

Thanks again @troutrageous1 for another great job on putting this together. I think it gets better each time.

The only thing that’s a bummer is that you cannot download this edition.


It is a superb edition @Peder I spent time this morning reading it with a cup of coffee. I particularly like the fly tying articles. They have given me inspiration. I purchased a pdf copy from Blurb so it is downloaded ro my iPad.

I really think Michael @troutrageous1 has exceeded himself with this issue. An excellent start to the New Year :+1:.


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Thanks for the kind words @Peder & @davidsr.

It’s still quite an enjoyable project to take on each quarter - and the content from the contributors continues to get better and better. On their behalf, I’m thrilled to receive such a positive response.

I personally enjoyed all the “how to” articles in this edition - between fly tying, tamo building, and fitness routines, there’s a ton to keep an angler busy over the winter months.


I also learned about here "Tenkara Angler Magazine "

I am looking forward to it, thank you.:smile: