Tenkara-Beginner Blogger attends Oni Cram School

Oni cram school (juku) blog post by the blogger at Tenkara - Beginner website. Aug 8th entry.

Apprentice to the demon teacher! Record / Story of Oni Tenkara Fishing cram school.

Of course the blog entry is written in Japanese. The odd digital translation will provide a hint of the experience. And if you can’t read any Japanese at all, the rest of the entertainment will have to come from the often bizarre electronic translation. :grin:

This might help a little bit (though different digital translators will translate words or phrases differently, some even differently on different days [Google translate has been screwy for the last two years or so ; - ( ] :

Juku (塾) is cram school. Or just School.
Masami Sakakibara (榊原正巳さん) is either : Tenkara’s Demon or Mr. Ogre.
Onisuku (鬼塾) is Oni Cram School, It may also translate as democracy juku. Or Teacher.
Pasha fish (パシャっと魚) Pasha is a word you can sometime here in videos when the fish comes out and takes the kebari.
Kebari (毛鉤) may translate as : furrows or furry, or even flush hairs [ this 毛鉤を打つ場所, place to hit (place) the kebari translated as - place to hit the furrows - very strange, yes]

For a forum called 10 Colors Tenkara - I think this was the most appropriate sentence in the blog post. 「釣り方は無限大です」The way of fishing is infinite. or “How to fish is infinite.”

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