Tenkara fishing superior-thinking method comentary - book from Tsuribito

『テンカラ釣り超思考法』Tenkara fishing superior-thinking method commentary.
「名手の超思考法」Expert’s super-thinking methods commentary.

Book available Feb. 26th. From Tsuribito publishers. About $10, but shipping cost more than the price of the book.

A pity it’s not also available in English or that we can’t read Japanese very well or not at all.
There are several interesting topics. Provided by: Ishigaki Hisao (石垣尚男) · Kenji Osawa (大沢健治) · Kobayashi Kazunori (小林和則) · Yoshida Takashi (吉田 孝).

As always - many odd digital translations of the TOC into English:


Dr. Ishigaki’s blog comments about this book:

Dr Ishigaki blog - Book

And from the Yoshidakebari blog:

Yoshidakebari Tenkara Fishing Super Thinking Method

btw - there seems to be a series of books with a similar title. Only substituting a different type of fishing, such as - Ayu fishing, Keiryu fishing, etc.