Tenkara Guides in New Zealand?

I’m going to be traveling to New Zealand in mid-February and was wondering if anyone knows of any Tenkara friendly guides on the South Island. In my searching nothing’s really come up. I’m open to recommendations for western-style fly fishing guides too, but I’m not a particularly good western style fly fisherman.

I’ve fished in Chile, Spain and Portugal with guides who had never done Tenkara and it wasn’t a problem. I had a great time with all three guides. As long as they are willing to go with a Tenkara angler you should be fine.

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This topic from awhile back mentioned Tenkara being restricted in NZ.
Is @HowieNZ1 still around?

Thanks for the info. I’ve never hired a guide before so I wasn’t sure if they’re generally ok with guiding a slightly different discipline.

If someone @ mentions him or sends a PM, you can find out.


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