Tenkara interest

I make tenkara fisher for myself.

But I try to include as many people that are tenkara fishers as well. It’s enjoyable to me to include as many people as possible.

I write about my interests because this is what I’ve been doing since 1996, it’s what I do. Fly fishing mountain streams. It’s super fun and interesting. Sharing this interest like I said is something I do, to generate interest for myself.

It is my favorite web site because there are so many others there.

I think the Japanese tenkara club websites are my close favorites besides my own. I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that We are pretty much interested in the same thing.

It is a non-issue to me that very little of my approach has changed. If anything, I’ve stripped away the superfluous and gotten closer to the core reasons why I enjoy spending time in the forest.

It’s not a big deal to me that it isn’t the most popular or well liked. I don’t make it for that.

I don’t want to be like you, I want to be like me, that’s why I make my own web site about it.

It’s fun to generate more interest for myself in tenkara.

I’m a little preoccupied by it.

It keeps things interesting for me.

Honryu is my current target. After that? Maybe work more on my travel kit. I have a few ideas that need more interest and attention. My mini net is almost there, making a standard tamo.

I need to make it back to Tokyo, I have interest there with Yoshida san. May need to swing by and visit Todoroki san too.

…but there are targets in two distant mountain watersheds in my region that demand my attention.

And packrafting wait, not tenkara but it is, you just don’t know it. The Japanese do.

Lots of stuff to write about after I do it.

Time to wake up and get after it.

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