Tenkara Jam 2017

Thanks to Michael’s post about the kebari donations to Camp Healing Waters - I noticed the date & location for Tenkara Jam 2017 have been set. Sept 30 / Oct 1, 2017 at Appalachian State, Boone, N.C.
No more details yet.



I was just going to post about that myself and see that I was 8 hours too late!

oh dang, i don’t have an alibi to miss it this year!

Don’t lose heart. You do know the old saying, don’t you?
It’s the Early Bird that gets the Worm,
But it’s the Second Mouse that gets the Cheese! :wink:

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Neither do I. I don’t have the excuse of being unemployed any longer (thank goodness!). Now it’s a matter of convincing my wife…

Coming from Wisconsin for 2nd year. Last year was a blast.

Checked the driving directions on map quest today. Turns out to be a shorter drive than going to Cherokee last year. About 1.5 hours shorter drive.
Thinking I might decide to go again this year. Kind of depends what comes up during the summer.

Last yr I was in Japan, otherwise would’ve made it.
Cherokee is only 4.5-5hrs for me, this will be a little further but i dont want to miss it.