Tenkara main line: Level line vs Furled line

I made a furled line in Mr. Sebata style(瀬畑ライン).
It was so hard to make a furled line though, it’s a good line easy to cast.

However I usually use Level line such as Mr. Sakakibara and Dr. Ishigaki.

Which main line do you use?

I use level line. From #2.5 - 4.0 depending on what rod I’m using. I have Yamatoyo, Oni, and Sunline level lines. So far, my preference is as follows:

  1. Oni
  2. Sunline
  3. Yamatoyo

I think that I may try a Fujino Soft Tenkara line soon, just because I’m curious to see what it’s like.

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I am a bit of a line junkie.

I use a variety of lines depending on conditions. 2.5-4 LL. A number of moonlit furled lines, Fujino Soft, the Fujino Tenkara Straight Line, and some custom lines I made from western lines for my carp rods.

I do have a couple Fujino Soft Tenkara lines. I don’t care for them or have not found the right application for them.

The Fujino Tenkara Straight Line is sort of like a traditional fly line, but a much thinner diameter. Its a coated braid with a built in sight indicator made of what seems to be a banded, braided, flourocarbon… For an all condition line, I would choose it.

I fish level lines, but am not crazy about the memory they have, and do not have the best hand for casting lighter weights. Furled lines tend to pull toward you, but like them better in windy conditions. I feel they anchor nicely and are thicker so I can use the wind to manipulate the fly. Level lines are better in the winter to reduce ice collection.

All lines are tools. There is no best. I comes down to application.


I have the Fujino Ice Tenkara Line, which I quite like. I use it when I am fishing with midge flies and small nymphs.

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I make and fish my own straight furled lines. The lightest being 4 strand (two lays of two strands) and the largest eight strand (four and four).

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I have not tried a furled line yet. Started with LL, and have used it for 90% of my fishing.
@Adam_Trahan got me to finally try a tapered line, and I really like them when paired with the right rod(s). I say this as a way of saying not all rods are right for tapered lines, or at least each different tapered line has a certain kind of rod that suits it.

Air Stage 290 (medium hard) + Fujino White Tenkara 3m was a match made in heaven for dry flies and kebari.

Air Stage 390 was amazing with 3.6m T-USA line, which I’ve read may be the same as the Fujino Midi.

I’ve tried the White Tenkara with my Seiryu-X and haven’t been so impressed. It does work quite well with my wife’s Pro Spec 320 7:3, however.

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I also tried the level line but it did not suit the way of fishing and fishing rods

I am using this
宇崎日新 冨士流テンカラバス SPプロ

Rod 3.6m
Line 4.0~4.5m
Tippet 1.5m

I think the level line is a new Tenkara fishing way

I don’t want to derail this thread, but I didn’t want to start a new thread with a similar topic.

What is everyone’s favorite line / best option for fishing in windy conditions. To date, I have only fished the TUSA furled line and 3 or 3.5 level lines. I’m heading out west in a couple weeks for a trip and wanted to get opinions on a line to take in the event of wind.

I think a heavy LL like 3.5 or 4 would be the best thing for wind besides doing one of those goofy titanium wire lines.

I bought this level line #6 - http://tenkarastuff.com/shop/product/tenkara-fluorocarbon-level-line/ - specially for windy conditions. I fish a very deep, wide and exposed canal (in the UK) which runs by alongside the river Severn estuary. Whenever I fish there the wind ALWAYS blows!
I have bought a few items from Rae of Tenkarastuff and quite liked the sound of the line although apprehensive of the weight. It certainly addressed the ‘wind’ issues with my 13’6" 6:4 rod , which handled the line like a dream. I have since sold that rod and as yet not used the line on my 12’ 7:3 rod, but as I bought that rod from Rae I expect no problems.

Heavy lines can help but because they are thicker its not always the solution. With more surface area…the more they are affected by wind. heavier lines will cast better in the wind but you may also pay a presentation penalty.

On reflection, these are things I do. Mostly I feel #1 is the best.

  1. Heavy files, bead heads…stuff that may keep my connection to my presentation taught.

  2. bigger flies can help anchor in the water especially kebari with wide hackle and/or more hackle. Flies with bigger bodies that may have more resistance against the line.

Lines. I like furled leaders in wind. It could be in my head, but i feel because they are porous, they stick to the surface tension when rested on the surface better than LL. Some but not all furled leaders will float and not sink…Some have flourocarbon tips…which will sink the fly. Depending on the amount wind and the type of presentation, I will choose one or the other.

Oudachi with a swivel connector for beadheads.

Katana light, katana medium, or Fujino Tenkara Straight Line for kebari.

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