Tenkara net

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So I purchased this net a couple years ago but thought it’s worth sharing! Aside from making your own it’s hard to find a nice small tenkara “style” net. This one is more like the nets they use in Japan for lure fishing in small mountain streams but beautiful all the same! I’m not getting any kick back for this, I mean Iv had this next for years and just thought someone might like one like it. But I got the net from a company called stream walkers, here is the link directly to the net in the picture:

Check it out it’s definitely a nice piece of gear to add to your arsenal


Beautiful net!! I took a look at the site and they have some quality products. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Absolutely! And that’s kinda how I felt, beautiful well made products from right here in the good old USA.

I’ve am deeply drawn to the Japanese handmade nets from a tree branch. Must look into building one for my own.

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I’ll be honest I agree and have been wanting to make one for years. I’m definitely going to that’s for sure, but until then this was a nice piece to have! If you start making one please share the process I know I would love to watch the steps of one being made!

I like prefer tamos but recently bought this net for my daughter from a guy on facebook. It was 40 or 45 dolars and has a rubber coated net. I bought a traditional net for her because she is 12 and it is indestructable. The hoop is 10 ×7.


Beautiful net for the price!