Tenkara of the Shokuryoushi - First Hand Experiences

I don’t think folks have seen this article discussed on here - and please let me know if linking to my blog is an unwelcome contribution.

The piece is a way of sharing a lot of the first hand knowledge and experiences that me and JP have been lucky enough to obtain over multiple trips to Japan between 2014 and 2018. I think it is much easier to get a good feel for where the modern sport is now with a richer picture of where it came from.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy:



[quote=“Paul_Gaskell, post:1, topic:1230”]
I hope you enjoy
[/quote] I will visit this more than once to investigate the many tiny details.

This is how I learn.

I find a subject I enjoy and follow it to the end and then let go looking for more…

There is too much here for one viewing.


Wow, I am enjoying for sure, thank you very much.