Tenkara Rod Co. offering the Yari again

I noticed Tenkara Rod Co. is offering their Yari again after selling out of them. If you are interested you might want to hop over to their web site to order one. The one thing I noticed different was that the rod is now a dark yellow color instead of the original red color. It seems everything else is the same and it is still made in Japan by the same company. I mentioned this just in case you wanted one but missed out the first time.

The top of the handle is slightly different too. I´m not sure why they changed that, the only gripe I saw about the original was that some people found the cylindrical grip a bit small and uncomfortable ( I like it). The new shape doesn´t solve that problem. The original was a very nice rod, highly recommended if you´ve got the cash…


My son purchased the new Yari and the cosmetics are great. The rod cast slow but it feels nice in the hand. It is expensive but he received a 25% coupon so he bit the hook. I’m not sure about the yellow
rod color but Nissin made a yellow rod at one time.

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