Tenkara rod crossed with a ladel?

While browsing Japanese Amazon for Tenkara rods I came across this listing from Nissin of what appears to be Tenkara rod with a titanium scoop on the end.

The amazon post in question:

Anybody know what this is for?

I was curious so I did a few searches. After reading the reviews translated to english, Started to zero in it with keywords ladle, japan, fishing, then found a result with the word burley or berley and searched with japan, fishing, burley.
It’s a Bait Thrower for chumming

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Wow, I’m not sure what I expected, but a chum chuckit was not it.

Thanks for putting in the elbow grease on that research.

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I think it’s for making s’mores!

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This is for fishing from the rocks in the sea. The bait is kneaded in a bucket and with the help of this spoon it is thrown into the sea.


Sometimes the trout just aren’t biting, so you have to spoon-feed them the flies.


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