Tenkara rod rack

So, I have my rods laying around on a shelf with other fishing junk.

Not exactly optimal, and probably will eventually lead to heartbreak, as these wands just want to roll off the cliff and onto the floor.

Saw this business of using a pool cue rack to store tenkara rods.
Great idea Daniel Galhardo!!!

Like any great idea I would like to tweak it a little and am also curious what you folk do for drying rods.

I was thinking about drilling drainage holes into the divots the butt end of the rack. Also I was thinking about wall mounting a mesh tray to hold tip plugs and butt caps. The idea being that I might be able to remove the tip plugs and butt cap sand let gravity drain any moisture trapped in the rod. I am not 100% sure if this will work though as…there seems to be some capillary or surface tension that keeps some water inside.

As it stands now…I have to take apart my rods and lay them out flat to dry them. Perhaps draining them using a vertical storage method will be better and easier.

what do you guys do?

Currently, I do nothing. I’ve been thinking about what to do myself and haven’t come up with a solid solution. I’ve got a couple out in the four season porch and at least two in my car right now. I’m with you @Gressak, I’ve been getting concerned it will lead to disaster too. Maybe this will push me to do something about it.

I keep my rods in various rod bags, TUSA bag, TenkaraJam Bag, hung vertically.
During the summer I just extend the rod and wipe it down with a microfiber cloth, or a Buff if it’s most handy.
If the rod became particularly wet, I will pull the sections out of the butt end, wipe them off and let it air dry for a while.

In the fall when I won’t be fishing again for a few months I will take all the rods that I used very much that year. Remove the sections, wipe them down with microfiber cloth, maybe with a damp cloth first if it looks water spotted. Wipe out the inside with tissue, as shown in the Masami’s video. Let them air dry for a while, then reassemble, rod bag 'em, rod tube 'em, put them in a rod bag with other rods. Hang it on the wall.


Gotta like the video. Japanese sport in the foreground. American sport in the background.

Right on David, I more or less do the same accept the storage. I don’t use any of the tubes or rod bags. I guess your note about wiping them down before collapsing is a good one. That is one thing I do not do.

I fish in the rain a bit, and/or the rod will on occasion slip into a pool when dealing with a fish. Once collapsed a bunch of water will stay inside the segments…and drying the outside really is not completely effective unless you iterate over wipe-collapse-exend a dozen times.

It is really amazing how even in the dry of winter the inside of the rod will stay wet for weeks unless it is fully taken apart. For a while I was just taking the tip and but caps off…but it was not enough to dry them out.

It will be nice if my idea works…but I have a feeling it probably will not be enough the tolerances on the sections of these rods is so tight that I think the surface tension keeps water held up in there.

From a science perspective, I can confirm this is exactly what happens.

I took advantage of a little covid quarantine time to finally build my rod shelf. Done on the cheap with some scrap wood and left over materials, but it is functional. I need to decide where I’ll hang it eventually and what to put in the currently empty spots:)


Cleared off some wall space to hang the rod rack.