Tenkara Rod Sections Storage

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With each Tenkara Rod I purchase I also order replacement sections from Chris Stewart of Tenkarabum just in case I break a tip-section #1 or #2 or #3 section . .I like to be prepared for the worst. But a problem developed on how to store the replacement sections safely.

Well, I did some searching on the Internet and thanks to a link provided by Tom Davis of Teton Tenkara I finally found exactly what I was looking . . . . a way of protecting and storing my Tenkara Rod sections. My source for the plastic tubes is McMaster-Carr.com.

This is what I purchased if anyone is interested.

Item # 8565k33 Clear Cellulose Tube 3/8" OD x 1/4" ID, 6 feet long. The tubes are only shipped in six foot sections. When they arrived I cut them down into 22" pieces. That gave me more than enough length for my Tenkara Rod sections.

Item # 9753K399 Round Caps for 3/8" to 7/16" OD, i" Inside Height, Red Pack of 100 (minimum order allowed) The end caps are a perfect fit on the cellulose Tubes. Only problem with the caps I purchased was that they came in a quantity of 100 pieces, way more than I needed.

Here are photos of the Tenkara section tubes with end caps. I ordered three of the 6’ tubes from McMaster-Car, which when cut gave me a total of 9 pieces, each 22 inches long.


Every odd-ball thing like that I’ve ever been looking for I’ve found on McMaster.
Thanks for sharing this!

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Every rod tip section that I ever purchased came with one of these tubes with the red caps. Thanks to Tanuki Tenkara and Dragontail Tenkara for their great packaging.