Tenkara Talk is gone

The domain is in redemption, so it expired over a month ago. $150 to renew it from here, hopefully everything is ok with him.

I’m not sure what you’re referencing. I just checked and the website seems fine, with the most recent post being 5 July 2020.


Ok. Good. Last night it was still offline. The whois info for the domain listed the expiration as 6/8/20 and it was marked in redemption.

I’m glad it isn’t gone, I’ve read that blog quite a lot.

Same here. I just checked Tenkaratalk blog and it appears to be functioning as always. Jason mentions in his most recent blog post he has sold his house, is now house sitting for friends while they are out of the country, and was laid off work for a couple of months. Perhaps during all the chaos blog upkeep was pushed down lower on the to-do list hierarchy.

However, after reading his blog post about a new more efficient TenkaraUSA online shop, I noticed that the TenkaraUSA forum has been turned off, and is now “read-only” archive mode.

Due to various circumstances, and other interest I’ve not been able to do much with tenkara this summer or otherwise been diverted down different paths of interest, and missed seeing that change, or other changes, earlier.

I’m more excited about tenkara than ever.

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