Tenkara taper line

Please look at the motion of the rod tip in the case of a taper line


Great video of this young man fishing. It looks like he is gently bouncing the tip and also slowly lowering his arm the pull in the fly. Excellent technique, I hope this is what I should have noticed. Also, his casting is slow and flowing and his form looks beautiful and natural. I need to work on my casting to make it more fluid like the water flowing in that stream. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you @todoroki34

Very enjoyable. One of the best videos I have seen about tenkara.


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He is young and passionate.
He is telling the joy of “tenkara”

Please also see other videos


Красивые видео,мне очень нравится.

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Благодарим Вас за приветствие :smile:

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The nature of the “tenkara taper line”

Easy casting and wind resistant


I have never tried the tenkara tapered line. I will buy some and try it out. I used the tapered monofilament leader for fly fishing until I converted to a braided leader that was tapered. I used this for over 20 years. Then I started tenkara fishing and for some reason decided to use a level line. I’m not sure why I did not stick with the braided line but just starting using level line??? I’m still not sure if it is easier or I just wanted to do something different. I think I need to try all the different options again and see really what works the best for me to use under different fishing conditions and environments.
Thank you for the video Todoroki-san. This was very helpful to help me reconsider my choices for the line I use to fish.

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Nice. A few things.

Is the bell on the angler for bears?

Also, is that a silk line?

I have dabbled with a few furled leaders that are tapered lines. Most are not like in the video. They are heavier and much thicker than level line. I there are some Japanese lines that are supposed to be very good. I forget the brands though.

One additional attribute. heavier lines turn over heavier flies easier and are much more visible.

I have been using the level braided lines and find that they are the perfect in between of flouro LL and the furled leaders with the benefit that the stuff is super cheap.


It is hand-knitting of fluorocarbon thread and Nylon thread
Very light and excellent in rectilinearity

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I use a small brass bell also when fishing in bear country during Spring through late Fall. I just don’t want to run up on a cub along with mother bear.

This paw print was from a large male bear I ran into on the South Folk of the Holsten River in VA. :bear:

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