Just wanted to give a nice compliment to Chris Stewart and his business, www.tenkarabum.com

I recently purchased a really nice but very expensive rod from him and he actually offered to have the rod to me quicker than I wanted!

I ended up getting the rod exactly on the day and time I asked, four days from time of payment.

I’ve purchased bits and things from him over the years and have always received exemplary service.

I meet Chris recently and he is also a nice person.

Anyway, there are excellent places to buy tenkara equipment, Chris is at the top of the list.

Highly recommend.



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Its a no brainer…for the selection and support.
I have even recieved stuff within one or two days.

More than that though, his site is an absolute wealth of information!
Whenever I’m faced with the option of buying something from him, or somewhere else, I buy from him as “thank you” for all the info he provides.
If you lean towards the “outside the box” track of thinking he’s your guy! (Check out his “fly spoons” as an example.)

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I made this post as support for a great Tenkara resource.

I will say, nearly everything has yen and yang and I already know what I want when I purchase from him.

There are other choices for knowledge of equipment and the availablity of that equipment, really good choices.

I’ll post in the future about it but this post is about Chris.

He does an excellent job at supplying the equipment that I want and I appreciate that.