TenkaraPrim Professional 315 tenkara rod review

Our tenkara friend from Russia, Vladimir, sent me a rod to test and review. It is the TenkaraPrim Professional 315. I am really impressed by this rod! It is an excellent small stream rod and has many refinements that US tenkara rod makers might want to take notice of.

Here’s the review:




Hi Thomas, I made a historical mistake. Professor Ishigaki did not come to Russia. I saw on his website a folder with photographs labeled “Vladivostok”. And I thought he was coming. But in fact, he was going to, but something did not work out. I think I have to tell you about this.

Надеюсь Том будет не против? Взял у него на сайте.

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Nicely done!

I am happy to see this.

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I checked out your video when you posted it, but didn’t go look at the Tenkara Prim page until just now.

Am I reading this correctly - the Prim 315 is 7800 rubles (plus shipping}?

good afternoon Scott, 7800₽ = ~ $ 100 US. Plus EMS delivery, you can find it out knowing your address.